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Customers' survey

Since 2008 we ask to our Customers (to Customers we have done at least one invoice in the relative year) to answer to some questions about our company.

The result of the survey is published, year by year, in this section (see Relative arguments on the right) to be clear and transparent in particular with those who are thinking to become our customers.
In the results, not all the questions are visible but only the general ones (we don't publish specific question about, i.e., our customer reserved area).

The Customers have 30 days to complete the survey and we ask them to be honest.
Of course every Customer can answer to only one survey and to promote it we offer three useful gifts that are automatically and randomly assigned by our Majordomo to three Customers that have completed the survey, indipendently they gave a positive or negative opinion.

The survey's questions, group by arguments, contain all the possible answers, that means positive and negative opinions, and the Customer can write manually comments, notes, suggestions, etc..