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Software development

We develop software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and for the web.

Normally we use Pascal language, but we know also other programming and scripting languages more or less in depth (i.e. PHP, Basic, C, C++, C#, PowerShell, Bash) .
We develop from singular components / libraries / scripts to complete applications, also Open Source.

Microsoft Windows is our main OS (Operating System) that we know from the development point of view but also from the technical point of view (installation, configuration).
We are using and working with Linux since few years so we have less experience with it.

About the the web we don't care about the graphical part that has to be done by thirty parties.

We know database servers like MySql, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, FireBird and we are able to work also with singular database files (i.e. MDB, AccDb, DBF).

We are able to create installation program / scripts.

Customisation/development of thirty party software

We make customisation and development of thirty party software by our own or inside a workgroup, also Open Source.

We know the version control system Apache Subversion, that we normally use for our own software too, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Sale of information technology and office products

We offer many information technology and office products and we are official resell for Italy of Fast Reports Inc. software.
You can look at our Italian e-commerce site.

Remote and on site assistance/consulting

We provide remote and on site assistance and consulting regarding information technology.
Our services are intended for small and medium size companies.

We don't repair hardware and we don't wire.



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